Accidental Locavore Flock of SheepWhat’s a locavore?

  • Someone who eats food grown or raised within 100 miles of where they live.

Why accidental?

  • One: try living on what’s local and fresh in New York in January or February.
  • Second: I stumbled into the whole local food thing accidentally in 2009 with the initial arrangement I made with my farmer upstate.

Here’s how it happened:

When my neighbor, local farmer Paul Wigsten closed up his farm stand in favor of weekly appearances at the local farmers market, I was devastated.   Not wanting to brave the crowds at, nor travel the distance to the farmers market once a week, yet still pining for the produce that only the Culinary Institute of America’s produce purveyor could offer, I made Paul an offer: $20 week for a box of produce of his choosing.

Paul accepted and I went from amateur cook to Accidental Locavore.

Each week Paul introduced me to the ripest collection of local produce.  This in turn challenged me to find ways to cook and showcase the sometimes unknown produce. Now I’m passing that knowledge onto you and hoping you will share your experiences cooking local and fresh with us. Here we’ll explain how to find the best produce (what to look for, what to avoid) and suggest ways to cook with it.


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