These are things I’ve been using, like or am lusting after:

  • For the bacon I made recently, I needed pink salt (sodium nitrate) and I got a big bag of it from Butcher & Packer. They have lots of sausage making gear, and meat preservation supplies.
  • Local New York water from NYCH2O in biodegradable, recyclable and BPA free bottles.
  • The Smoking Gun from Williams Sonoma. It’s a hand held smoker that has the advantage that you can cold smoke things. Why would you want to cold smoke things? Two words…smoked butter.
  • A full size smoker. One of the guys I play golf with has been through all kinds of smokers, and recommends the Brinkman electric one. This is for smoking jobs that the gun can’t handle, and would be for the country house where there’s room for it.
  • A Himalayan Pink Salt Block to cook on from the Meadow. Besides the fact that they are very cool looking, I’m intrigued by the idea of cooking on them. You heat them and cook thinly sliced steak, duck breast or scallops on them. Or cool them and serve tomatoes and mozzarella (OK, so that has to wait until August).  Check out the picture of bacon and eggs on their site for inspiration.

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