Blogger Spotlight: Accidental Locavore

The Accidental Locavore was named The Daily Meal’s blogger of the week last week. “We’re proud to feature Anne Maxfield in this week’s Blogger Spotlight, where we highlight a member of The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network, a selected group of talented and influential bloggers who write about food and drink.”

Westchester Magazine Article: Local Artisanal Caramels

Accidental Locavore CaramelsDo you love old-fashioned caramels? Check out this piece I wrote for Westchester Magazine on a local artisanal caramel maker–Michèle Kim of La Petite Occasion.

25 Top Business Plan Tips From the Pros

Accidental Locavore AnneHave you ever wondered what pros (like me) want to see in a business plan? Check this out for 25 great tips! I hope you’ll leave a comment saying #15 is the best!

Do You Love Your Numbers?

Accidental Locavore Two HeartsIn honor of Valentine’s Day, Wendy Hanson invited me on her radio show to talk about loving your numbers.  If you let worries about money keep you up at night, time to change your thinking! Check it out here:

Wendy Hanson Connects Featuring the Accidental Locavore

Did you catch the Accidental Locavore on Wendy Hanson’s radio show? The topic was How to Really Own Your Business. Click here to hear the program on iTunes.

The Accidental Locavore on HuffPost Taste

Check out the Accidental Locavore on the Huffington Post, become a fan and see what people are saying.

Anne Maxfield, the Accidental Locavore Featured on "Fab Friday"

Anne Maxfield, the Accidental Locavore was the first featured guest on “Fab Friday“, part of a new website Simplifying Fabulous where interior designer Robin Baron wants “to empower and inspire you to find fabulous in your life, starting in your home.” Learn how the Accidental Locavore simplifies fabulous on this great site.

The Accidental Locavore's Recipes in "Condiment Congestion"

Accidental Locavore MustardsIf you’re anything like the Accidental Locavore, you probably suffer from “condiment congestion”. In other words you probably have a lot of mostly empty, or have-been-there-forever jars of mustard, ketchup and other condiments taking up valuable refrigerator real estate. In a recent article on, the Frugal Foodie queries the Accidental Locavore and other cooks on how best to use up some of those neglected condiments. Check it out for my mustard vinaigrette and marinade for grilling.

The Accidental Locavore on the Sassy Ladies Radio Show

Accidental Locavore Sassy LadiesBlog talk radio, what could be more fun than with the Sassy Ladies Blog Talk Radio Show? Tune in at to hear their top rated episode featuring my views on being an entrepreneur, eating local and fresh, and other delicious topics. After the blog talk radio show, check out the Sassy Ladies website, they’re smart (and sassy) entrepreneurs with great ideas! And thank Michelle for inspiring the short ribs recipe.

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