The Accidental Locavore likes these food related sites and organizations:

  • Hudson Valley Seed Library: Heirloom and open-pollinated seeds (and artist rendered seed packets)
  • Real Time Farms: Helps you understand where your food comes from
  • Slow Foods: Supporting Good, Clean, and Fair Food
  • Karp Resources: Good food is good business
  • Grow NYC: Sponsors of the NY Greenmarkets
  • Quattros Game Farm: our butchers in Dutchess County. They’re also at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays
  • Pick-a-Pepper: This is a great website connecting local farmers, gardeners and food artisans with local consumers, restaurants and institutions. Right now they’re building their site, so you can help by suggesting farmers and products.
  • NYCH2O: New York water is among the world’s best tasting and has been proven so in numerous taste tests across the country.  Fresh from a pristine mountain spring, we’ve made it accessible to all while making it better . . . for your body and for our planet.  Sourced from one 10,000 year old natural spring located high in the scenic Catskill Mountains and lightly filtered for extra purity, our water is 100% “Natural Spring Water” as approved by FDA regulations, NOT New York City tap water. NYCH2O bottles are BPA-free, recyclable and the ONLY water bottles currently on the market made with EcoPure™, a fully biodegradable plastic that naturally breaks down into organic materials so it won’t be sitting around in a landfill for centuries.
  • Wigsten Farm: Paul Wigsten owns and operates Wigsten Farm in Pleasant Valley, NY with his family. Throughout his youth, Paul worked on the family farm, but in 1982 he moved to New York City to pursue a career in commercial real estate. After spending 12 years in New York City, Paul returned to Pleasant Valley in 1994.  Recognizing a strong demand for locally grown fruits and vegetables, Paul converted the Wigsten family farm from dairy to produce, and he also placed new emphasis on sustainable farming practices and heirloom varieties. Paul began selling produce to The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in 1996, and quickly developed a reputation as a source for high-quality produce. This relationship flourished for eight years, and eventually the CIA offered him a full-time position as its produce buyer. During Paul’s tenure at the CIA, he worked with local growers throughout New York’s Hudson Valley to expand the CIA’s long-standing practice of buying locally. Now, Paul, his wife Robin, and their son William are the third and fourth generations to operate the farm. In 2002, Wigsten Farm was awarded the Agri-Business Award by the Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation. Paul, is also the author of Produce, a professional guide to identification, fabrication and utilization of produce.



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