Locavore Tips

Why Do You Store Tomatoes Upside Down?

by Anne Maxfield on September 6, 2013

Accidental Locavore Tomatoes Stem Side DownWe all know not to store tomatoes in the fridge (kills the flavor), but did you know to store them on the counter, stem-side down? It keeps them fresher longer because the moisture can’t escape through the opening where the stem was. Peaches work this way too.


Kitchen Must Haves: Painter’s Tape and a Sharpie

by Anne Maxfield on February 2, 2013

Accidental Locavore Labeled Beef StockJust recently, the Accidental Locavore started labeling everything that went into the freezer and a lot of what goes into the fridge. All you need is a roll of blue painter’s tape and a black Sharpie close at hand, so you can grab them whenever you’re tossing something in a container. The other day when I was making some French Onion Soup, the beef stock I needed was in the freezer with it’s bright blue label-perfect! I’ve found that putting dates on helps too.


Accidental Locavore Fruit

To keep bugs out of your flour, put a bay leaf in the bag of flour.

To keep fruit flies from bugging your fruit, put a sprig of fresh basil in the bowl with the fruit.


Removing the Smell of Garlic and Onions From Your Hands

by Anne Maxfield on January 4, 2011

Accidental Locavore GarlicChopping lots of garlic and onions? If your hands smell just rub them on anything made of stainless steel. I run them all over my sink…voila, garlic smell gone!